Toroidal Core Winding Machine For Current Transformers ( Model: CT-100 )

LCD Display: 40 Ch x 2 line with back ground illumination.
Machine Control: Microprocessor based advanced controller.
Wire Dia: up to 0.25mm Copper Wire
Wire pitch Control: Fully automatic , continuously in synchronous with Head Drive.
Finished Core Size: OD:50mm, ID:10mm, Height : 25mm
Dimensiones: Length: 600mm, width: 550mm, Height:450 mm
Power Fail Detect
Input Power : 230V AC,50Hz ,350 Watts.


Toroidal Core Winding Machine for Power Transformers ( Model: CT-300 )
P.L.C Based Advance menu driven machine Soft Ware. 2 HP AC Geared Main Winding Motor with V.F.D.
0.5 HP AC Servo Motor for Core Rotation. Head & Core Rotation Pitch Synchronized for neat layer winding.
High Accuracy & Precision machined components for long time trouble free operation. Finished Core Size OD=300mm , ID=100mm & Height =50mm
Wire Dia: 2mm copper wire. Power Fail Detect
Power Input : 230V AC, 50Hz