Astronomical Time Switch (ATS) is used for duck to dawn control of street lights. It does not use any illumination sensors/techniques commonly employed for such control. ATS works on a very accurate battery backed Real Time Clock and pre -programmed ON/OFF timings based on the Sunrise/Sunset, Twilight durations and the Latitude/Longitude of a particular place.

ATS is designed to be maintanance free and free from any operator settings. Once installed, it does not require any maintanance like battery charging, Time Setting/Time correction or Adjustments etc.

Energy saving is important aspect of ATS. Energy savings are computed for an entire year with reference to presently used pre set dial timers (Analog Type Fixed Timing Timers). The energy saved varies with geographical latitude of the place. Higher are the savings, with higher the latitude of the place. Typical average energy saved for Bangalore (India) (13 degrees N latitude) is up to 12% for one year, where as the peak is about 15% for one month.


1.Follows astronomical timings for 365 days of the year.
2.Total solid state advanced technology.
3.Pre-programmaed sunrise / sunset with twilight timings.
4.Upto 12% energy saving.
5.Totally automatic & easy to install.
6.No service, No manual setting and No calibration.
7.Manual over - ride (Incase of emergency).
8.Existing contactors can be utilized (1 phase/3 phase).
9.No wiring change in existing load distribution.
10.Payback within 3 - 4 months.
11.Six years maintainance free life.
12.Two models
    a) ATS - 01 = Basic controller.
    b) ATS - 02 = Advanced controller with contactor
13.Extended energy saving model.
14.Karnataka state P.W.D (S.R book) listed.


1.BBMP, Bangalore.
2.ISRO, Bangalore.
3.IBM (Embassy Group).
4.Pune Municipal Corporation.
5.Infosys, Bangalore.
6.BIAL - Bangalore international airport and many more private apartments.