Welcome To Spark Controls

Spark Controls established in 1997 as a partnership company with a view of introducing indigineously manufactured numerically controlled programmable coil winding machines of different capabilities and sizes mainly used in the Distribution Transformer manufacturing industries, stabilizers manufacturing companies, Electronic products manufacturing companies, Fan manufacturing companies, Submersible Pumps & Motor Manufacturing Industries across the Country.

The company was founded by 2 highly committed professionals one Mr.VittalRao a Senior Scientist from INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION, Satellite Centre Bangalore.
He has Immense Experience in the Design / Developing & Realization of Complex Electronic Real Time Systems for Automation.
Another person Mr. H.A.Ramanath a mechanical hard core professional with more than 25 years of Design & Development experience in Special Purpose Winding Machines.

Details of the different winding machines being manufactured:-

A. Single Spindle Coil Winding Machine.
B. Dual Spindle Coil Winding Machine.
C. Table Fan Coil Winding Machine.
D. Power Transformer Coil Winding Machine.
E. Distribution Transformer Coil Winding Machine.
F. Ceiling Fan Stator Winding Machines.
G. Submersible Pumps/Open-Well Winding Machines.
H. Insulation Paper Insertion Machines.
I.  Ploy-Wrap Wire Re Spooling Machine.
J.  Toroidal Core Winding Machine for Current Transformers.
K. Toroidal Core Winding Machine for Power Transformers.
L. Ferrite Core Gapping Machine.

Different Test Systems made by the company:-

1. Bus Management Unit (BMU) Test system to ISRO, Bangalore to test various functions of satellites.
2. Thruster Load Unit & Heater Load Unit to simulate the load conditions.
3. Core Power Test System to test & evaluate the power systems of Satellite.
4. Command Encoders to send digital commands to satellites in Space.
5. AOCE Test Systems to test & evaluate the control systems of Satellites.
6. PC Based Test System to test & evaluate the performance of ASPC & TSPC of various sensors of satellites.
7. PXI Based Core Power Test System to test & evaluate the power packages of Satellite.
8. Turnkey Projects and Software Customization.

Our Organization

1.Mechanical Design Department.
2.Electronic and Electrical Department.
3.R & D Department.
4.Shop floor and Assembly Department.
5.Vendor Development Department.
6.Customers Support Department.
7.Account/Administration Department

Our Facilities

The Company has about 5000 sq ft of area. Mechanical facilities consist of:-
A. Lathe Machines
B. Jig Boring Machines
C. Milling Machines
D. Surface Grinding Machines
E. Bench Grinding Machines
F. Hand Drilling Machines
G. Drilling Machines
H. Cutting Machines
I. Measuring Instruments
J. Surface Table

Energy-Saving products

Astronomical Time Switches are one of the major Energy-Saving products manufacturing under the energy conservation products. Following are the brief details of the different models manufactured :-
ATS01: Basic model
ATS02: Basic model with electrical contactor
ATS03: Advanced model with additional energy saving features.


Company Exported Machines to Dubai, Nigeria , Sudan & Bangladesh and many more Asian Countries.